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HIPS Combined Protection System

09 117 1917
Item Code: 09 117 1917
Description : Studies have shown that the use of hip protectors can considerably reduce the risk of a hip fracture. Hips Combined is a further development of the original Hips system (see item below). The Hips Combined System is a small and lightweight hip protector made from soft, comfortable foam and safe, flexible plastic that comfortably contours the body. The protectors are water resistant and machine washable. The protectors are fixed inside the special Hips Combined underwear, which ensures correct placement during use. The shape of the protector ensures that the hip bone is safe and protected in any position it might be exposed to during a fall. Hips Combined works through a patented system of soft foam and a stiff shield that diverts and absorbs the energy of the impact. Size Hip Size 09 117 1917 Ladies S 900-950mm (351/2-371/2") 09 117 1925 Ladies M 960-1020mm (373/4-40") 09 117 1933 Ladies L 1030-1090mm (401/2-43") 09 117 1941 Ladies X-L 1100-1170mm (431/4-46") 09 117 1958 Gents S 850-910mm (331/2-353/4") 09 117 1966 Gents M 920-980mm (361/4-381/2") 09 117 1974 Gents L 990-1050mm (39-411/4") 09 117 1990 Gents X-L 1060-1140mm (413/4-45")
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