How Does Telus Wireless TV Work?

Does Optik TV need Internet?

Optik TV requires a Telus internet connection.

It will not work with Shaw..

Can I get PIK TV without Telus Internet?

Unfortunately, there are no plans to offer Pik TV without a TELUS internet connection in the near future.

Why is my PVR not working Telus?

Unplug the power cord of your Optik TV boxes and router/modem. 2. Wait one minute, then plug back in the modem’s power cord and wait for the DSL and Internet and LED to be back online. … Plug in the PVR power cord, wait until it’s fully rebooted and a channel is able to be viewed.

How much is a Telus box?

Sign up for Optik TV and Internet for 2 years and get:4K PVRHD Wireless digital boxMonthly rental (on a 2 year service agreement)FREEFREEMonthly rental (no service agreement)$20 per month$5 per monthPurchase$450$150

Is Netflix free on Telus Optik TV?

Telus has announced changes to its Optik TV packages, debuting a new option which includes free access to a Netflix 4K Premium plan. … Telus says they will also pay for a customer’s monthly Netflix fee, with the option allowing existing customers of the latter to retain their online profiles.

What uses data on my home internet?

When connected to your home Wi-Fi network, these devices use the Internet in ways similar to personal computers, including: Operating system updates. Downloading and updating programs and apps Surfing the Internet. Watching video and listening to music.

How long does Telus installation take?

1-2 hoursApproximate timing is 1-2 hours per product installed that someone will need to be engaged with the technician. Technicians may begin to enter customers’ homes moving forward, based on customer request, and upon successful completion of the safety assessment.

How do I setup my Telus Wireless TV box?

Enable your Optik TVPlug the HDMI cable from your wireless TV box into any HDMI input on your TV.Turn the TV on and check if you’re on the right input (i.e. HDMI1, HDMI2). You should see a TELUS screen.Go to the white TELUS box (from step 1), and push the WPS button to sync your wireless TV box.

How do I connect my Telus phone to my TV?

To cast via Optik TV:Scroll to the left to access the menu.Select Settings.Select Link TV and phone.Follow the on-screen instructions to link with a TV code.

Does Telus have a wireless PVR?

For wireless digital box In order to install your own wireless digital box with a self-install kit, you need to be an existing Optik TV customer with an available HDMI input on your TV. You can have a maximum of 6 digital boxes in your home (including the PVR).

Does Telus use coax?

I’m surprised that telus can use coaxial cable for tv and internet. … They use a device (MOCA Adapter) to convert the Ethernet to Coax and back.

How does Optik TV work?

The Optik wireless digital box works the same way as the wired Optik digital box, but instead receives the TV signal over the air from a wireless access point up to 60 meters away, eliminating the need for a physical connection between the digital box and the TV outlet.