How Many Shows Can I Record On Xfinity At The Same Time?

How much is Xfinity x1 per month?

So … your X1 experience will be $40 per month on top of the monthly package price.

At least Xfinity gives you a free self-install kit and shipping (*shrugs shoulders*)….How much does Xfinity’s X1 DVR cost?FeesMonthly price*Additional TV box$9.95/mo.HD technology fee$10.00/mo.DVR fee$14.95/mo.1 more row•Jul 17, 2020.

Can you record 2 shows at once on Comcast?

X1 AnyRoom DVR has six tuners, meaning you can record up to six programs simultaneously. If you have multiple X1 DVRs, you can record more programs simultaneously. For example, if you have two X1 DVRs in the home, you will now be able to record 12 programs simultaneously.

Can you record shows with Xfinity?

Set Up a DVR Recording with the Xfinity Stream App. As a customer with X1 or another Xfinity TV package with cloud-based DVR service, you can schedule DVR recordings from the Xfinity Stream app on your Apple or Android device.

What is the cheapest Xfinity package?

Xfinity from Comcast TV Packages and DealsPackageChannel CountIntroductory PriceExtra140+ channels$49.99/mo.*Preferred+220+ channels$59.99/mo.*Digital Starter140+ channels$70.99/mo.Digital Preferred220+ channels$89.49/mo.

Can I cancel Xfinity TV and keep Internet?

If you’re just cancelling TV or phone service, but keeping internet, they won’t give you a good deal on the first call. They’ll tell you that you can only get discounts by keeping TV. … Always call Comcast back to double check.

What is the best Xfinity package?

Best Xfinity Internet, TV, and Phone BundlesPlanPriceInternet download speedX1 Starter Double Play$90*150 MbpsX1 HD Preferred Double Play$110*150 MbpsX1 HD Preferred Plus Double Play$134.99*150 MbpsX1 HD Premier Double Play$130*150 Mbps5 more rows•Sep 25, 2019

Can I set my DVR from my phone Xfinity?

With the Xfinity TV Remote app, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control: change the channel, program your DVR or search Xfinity On Demand and TV listings – all with a simple tap on the screen. You can even schedule DVR recordings when you’re away from home.

Can you record DVR while watching another channel?

You can schedule the DVR to record it or you can turn it on and hit the “Record” button. Once the show is being recorded, you’re free to change the channel and watch another show. In fact, you can even record the show you watch at the same time the DVR is recording your other show.

How many shows can you record at one time?

But the Genie, as with any product from pay-for-TV companies, won’t quite grant all your wishes. While it can record up to five shows at once, simultaneous playback is limited to four. Still, that means up to four different live or recorded HD shows playing on four different TVs at the same time from one box.

How do I get Comcast to lower my bill?

So here is a list of steps and scripts that you can use to negotiate with Comcast.Call Comcast. Call Comcast and navigate your way through their automated phone labyrinth to Comcast’s cancellation department. … Cancel your service. Do not mince words. … Listen to your offers. … Ask for their manager. … Negotiate a better deal.

Will DVR record when TV is off?

Re: Can DVR Record if being turned off? Yes. When you turn the DVR off, all it does is turn off the output connections, the rest of the STB is still alive and running (and drawing just slightly less electricity than when it is turned on so there really isn’t much reason to ever turn the DVR off IMO).

How can I record TV shows without a DVR?

Insert your flash drive or hard drive cable into that USB port, turn on the show you want to capture, press the Record button on your remote, and, with a little luck, voilà! You’re recording. Keep in mind you can also use a hard drive as a DVR with other devices besides your TV, like with AirTV products.

Can I buy a DVR that works with Comcast?

According to Comcast, customers must use a DVR compatible with Comcast service in order to receive Comcast digital channels and have use of all functions of the DVR. Comcast will provide a list of options available for DVR service, including DVR and HD DVR options for customers and prospective customers.

Can you record two shows at the same time on DVR?

Yes. You can watch one program while recording another, or you can record two programs simultaneously while watching a previously recorded program that is already stored on your DVR playlist.

Is x1 TV box a DVR?

X1 AnyRoom DVR allows you to watch recorded shows on any X1 TV Box you have in the home.

Can I get internet only from Xfinity?

Yes. Xfinity internet-only plans offer speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps. Internet-only plans from Xfinity start at $20/mo. * for download speeds up to 25 Mbps in select areas.

Do all xfinity plans have DVR?

When you sign up for one of Comcast’s cable packages that include a DVR, you’ll get access to the company’s Xfinity X1 platform. Comcast still offers regular TV boxes for non-DVR customers, so you must select a DVR package if you want internet-enhanced TV services.

How much does it cost to add a DVR to Xfinity?

Xfinity equipment fees: $19.95/mo. Instead, it tacks on a $9.95 per month DVR service fee and a $10 per month HD technology fee. Of course, you could just go with the included TV box, which comes at no extra charge.

Do I have DVR with Xfinity?

With Cloud DVR, Xfinity Instant TV customers can record up to two programs at once and store 20 hours of recordings. The Xfinity Instant TV service allows for recording of all your shows in the cloud. You can access these recordings if you’ve saved in the cloud from anywhere you have an active Internet connection.

How many shows can genie record at once?

five showsDirecTV’s Genie DVR can record up to five shows at once, and play back video to up to four TVs at once. The DVR is a piece of technology that brings just as much pain into our lives as it does joy. Being able to record a TV show so you can watch it on your own time is a beautiful thing.

Can I buy my own DVR?

Although it is possible to purchase a DVR rather than renting it from your cable company, you may find that renting has its advantages. If you buy your own DVR, you may also have to purchase the service that goes with it that keeps the DVRs programming up-to-date.

Can DVR record 3 shows at once?

Can the DVR record two shows at once? Yes. You can watch one program while recording another, or you can record two programs simultaneously while watching a third, already recorded program from your playlist.

Does Comcast offer a senior discount?

Comcast does not offer any senior discounts on its monthly plans since it does offer the Internet Essentials plan that caters to seniors. But, you can also call Comcast to see what types of promotional offers are available when you are looking to get new service.