Question: Which One Of The Following Is Not An Application Layer Protocol Used In?

Which of the following is are protocols of application layer?

Application Layer Protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP) Study Notes.

An application layer protocol defines how application processes (clients and servers), running on different end systems, pass messages to each other..

Which of the following is the application layer protocol in Internet protocol suite?

TCP/IP Protocol Architecture ModelOSI Ref. Layer No.OSI Layer EquivalentTCP/IP Protocol Examples5,6,7Application, Session, PresentationNFS, NIS+, DNS, telnet , ftp , rlogin , rsh , rcp , RIP, RDISC, SNMP, and others4TransportTCP, UDP3NetworkIP, ARP, ICMP2Data LinkPPP, IEEE 802.21 more row

Which layers are network support layers?

Transport layers has the network support layer and the user support layer.The transport layer is the layer in the open system interconnection (OSI) model responsible for end-to-end communication over a network.More items…•

What is TCP and UDP?

TCP is a connection-oriented protocol and UDP is a connection-less protocol. TCP establishes a connection between a sender and receiver before data can be sent. UDP does not establish a connection before sending data.

Which one of the following is not an application layer protocol used in Internet?

8. Which one of the following is not an application layer protocol used in internet? Explanation: Resource reservation protocol is a transport layer protocol used on the internet. It operates over IPv4 and IPv6 and is designed to reserve resources required by the network layer protocols.

Which of the following is not applicable for IP?

Which of these is not applicable for IP protocol? Explanation: IP does not provide reliable delivery service for the data. It’s dependent upon the transport layer protocols like TCP to offer reliability. 8.

Which is the main function of transport layer?

The main role of the transport layer is to provide the communication services directly to the application processes running on different hosts. The transport layer provides a logical communication between application processes running on different hosts.

What are the features of Transport Layer?

The transport layer delivery of messages is either connection-oriented or connectionless. A connection-oriented transport layer delivers error-free messages in the correct order. Such a transport layer provides the following services: CONNECT, DATA, EXP_DATA, and DISCONNECT. CONNECT sets up a connection between TSAPs.

What is the function of application layer?

The application layer is the highest abstraction layer of the TCP/IP model that provides the interfaces and protocols needed by the users. It combines the functionalities of the session layer, the presentation layer and the application layer of the OSI model. It facilitates the user to use the services of the network.

What are the two main transport layer protocols?

In the IP protocol stack, the most widely used two transport protocols are User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the Transport Control Protocol (TCP).

Which field helps to check rearrangement of fragments?

Which field helps to check rearrangement of the fragments? Explanation: The Fragment Offset field specifies where the fragment fits in the original datagram. The offset of the first fragment will always be 0.

What is application layer message?

Application layer messages (data) All messages sent in a network pass through each of the network layers. … Finally, the term message denotes an information unit whose source and destination entity exists above the network layer (i.e, application layer).

Is TCP application layer protocol?

An application layer is an abstraction layer that specifies the shared communications protocols and interface methods used by hosts in a communications network. The application layer abstraction is used in both of the standard models of computer networking: the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) and the OSI model.

What is the format of IP address?

The IP address is a 32-bit number that uniquely identifies a network interface on a machine. An IP address is typically written in decimal digits, formatted as four 8-bit fields separated by periods. Each 8-bit field represents a byte of the IP address.

Which hardware is used in application layer?

Transport layer: Gateways, Firewalls. Session layer: Gateways, Firewalls, PC’s. Presentation layer : Gateways, Firewalls, PC’s. Application layer: Gateways,Firewalls, all end devices like PC’s, Phones, Servers..