Quick Answer: Does Realme 3 Pro Get Heated?

Is the Realme 3 Pro a good phone?

If you’re looking for a smartphone that’s great for gaming for less than Rs.

20,000 then the Realme 3 Pro is a good place to start.

You also get a good set of cameras, solid battery life, and a feature-packed OS, making it a good option to consider..

What is the normal phone temperature?

But how can you tell if your phone is experiencing a problem? All phones have a normal temperature range of 37-43 degrees Celsius, or 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it normal for phone to heat up while charging?

Heat while charging is perfectly normal, especially when you start charging with a lower percentage of power remaining. The USB-C charger with PD standard will delivery more power with the battery at low percentages and throttle back as it gets close to full.

How can I prevent my phone from getting hot while gaming?

How to prevent your phone from overheating while playing gamesClear your RAM. Before launching any game, close all your running applications. … Lower screen brightness. … Avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating. … Uninstall all cooling apps. … Turn off all sensors. … Remove casing to reduce overheating. … Cool your phone externally. … Take breaks.More items…•

Which is better note 7 Pro or Realme 3 Pro?

The Realme 3 Pro is powered by Snapdragon 710 SoC, while the Redmi Note 7 Pro comes with Snapdragon 675 processor. … This means — on paper — the GPU performance of the Realme 3 Pro will be better than the Redmi, while the CPU performance of Redmi is better than the Realme phone.

How can I cool down my phone temperature?

Here are a few tips to keep your phone cool.Do not use it while it’s charging.Turn off apps you’re not using.Place your phone on airplane mode when you only need basic functionality.Avoid direct sunlight.Turn your screen brightness down.Keep your apps and operating system up-to-date.

Why is phone hot?

Sometimes phones get hot as the result of too many apps running in the background. A bad battery or other hardware problems cannot be ruled out. Other times, it’s because of a malware infection. Here’s the thing: All phones can, and usually will, get a little hot from time to time.

Does Realme 3 Pro support 5g?

No, it doesn’t support 5G. And 5G technology is not even available in India till now. Next thing, how could you expect 5G phone under 10K before the arrival of 5G technology ? No, Realme 3 is a 4G device.

How do I know which app is heating my phone?

Cool Your Android Device with Cooler Master At the very bottom you should see a button that says “Detect Overheating Apps.” After tapping that it will scan your device and tell you what apps are causing your phone to overheat.

Does Realme 3 Pro have heating problem?

Heating Issues Yes, this is true. The all-new Realme 3 Pro has heating Issues. The phone gets heated when you use the camera in bright sunlight, the phone also gets heated during heavy gaming. For Photoholics and Gaming Lovers, this is something that can become their reason to not buy the Realme 3 Pro.

Is Realme 3 Pro is better than redmi Note 7 Pro?

Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro: Verdict Between the Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Realme 3 Pro, the former opts for a cleaner design that simply feels better in the hand. From the ergonomics to the choice of using a USB-C port, the Redmi Note 7 Pro has the Realme 3 Pro beat as far as design is concerned.

Is Realme 3 Pro water proof?

You might have seen some devices which immediately gets damage when they come in contact with water. This is not true at all for waterproof smartphones. According to the official site, there are no IP68 waterproof ratings for Realme 3 Pro. Which means that the device is not officially waterproof.

Which phone is better than Realme 3 Pro?

Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro comparisonShow Only Differences Highlight DifferencesRealme 3 ProRedmi Note 7 ProDisplay6.30-inch6.30-inchProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 710Qualcomm Snapdragon 675Front Camera25-megapixel13-megapixelRear Camera16-megapixel + 5-megapixel48-megapixel + 5-megapixel85 more rows

Which Realme phone is best?

Realme 6 Pro is one of the best smartphones developed by the Chinese company. There are many features like the quad-camera setup with 64Mp primary shooter, a dual selfie camera setup of 16MP and 8MP, and more that make it one of the best smartphones by Realme.

How do I check the temperature on my Realme phone?

Start by opening your cell phones dial pad, as though you were going to dial a telephone number, and type in *#*#4636#*#*. If this feature is available on your device then a screen should automatically pop up and allow you to choose from a few options.

Can overheating damage your phone?

Both Android phones and iPhones are engineered to perform at the high internal temperatures caused by intensive tasks like gaming or multitasking between apps. But prolonged overheating from the current weather can also lead to permanent damage to the phone’s battery.

Why is Realme 3 Pro the best?

The depth sensor does a very good job with edge detection, and even in low light, we got a very pleasing bokeh effect. The Realme 3 Pro has a 25-megapixel selfie camera with an f/2.0 aperture. Under good light, we managed to get some good shots, and HDR works well too if you’re shooting against the light.

Who is best Realme or redmi?

15,999. Realme has a slight edge as its highest variant has 2GB more RAM than Xiaomi’s offering at the same price. Overall, both phones offer very good value.