Quick Answer: How Much Are AirPods At Costco?

How much are AirPods 2 at Costco?

That’s because Costco has the 2nd-generation Apple AirPods with Charging Case on sale for $139.99.

Normally priced at $159, that’s $20 off their regular price and $8 cheaper than the best AirPod deal right now..

How much are AirPods in Canada Costco?

Apple’s most recent standard AirPods are on sale for $189 CAD at Costco. Apple’s AirPods with the standard Charging Case are typically priced at $219 at most retailers. The 2nd-gen AirPods are listed at $194.99 on Costco’s website.

Does Costco sell fake AirPods?

You take a loss in order to have a loss leader, and its extraordinarily unlikely that Apple has cut a deal with Costco to move a marginal number of Airpods. … Costco is so successful because they sell fake products.

Who has the best deal on AirPods?

Amazon is offering the current best deal on the ‌AirPods‌ with Wireless Charging Case, priced at $169.00, down from $199.00. You can also get the best deal on the standalone Wireless Charging Case on Amazon, priced at $64.00, down from $79.00.