Quick Answer: What Does NIB Mean?

What does the expression Her Nibs mean?


his / her nibs, Informal: Often Facetious.

a person in authority, especially one who is demanding and tyrannical: His nibs wants fresh strawberries in December..

Is Greek life a pyramid scheme?

Think about it. College Greek life and MLM have the same characteristics. Recruiting people to lessen your own fees while increasing the total income for the organization as a whole.

What does Nrfb mean on ebay?

Never Removed from BoxNRFB. Never Removed from Box. The item has never been opened.

What does whittle nibs mean?

a. To cut small bits or pare shavings from (a piece of wood). b. To fashion or shape in this way: whittle a toy boat.

What is a nib Xcode?

A nib file is a special type of resource file that you use to store the user interfaces of iOS and Mac apps. A nib file is an Interface Builder document. … In effect, as you edit an Interface Builder document, you create an object graph that is then archived when you save the file.

What does NIB mean in texting?

New In Box”New In Box” is the most common definition for NIB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NIB. Definition: New In Box.

What does the acronym NIB stand for?

New In BoxSo now you know – NIB means “New In Box” – don’t thank us. YW! What does NIB mean? NIB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NIB definition is given.

What is a nib frat?

Your first social as a newly initiated brother (or NIB) should be one of the best parties you will ever attend, but it can also be one of the worst. Here are some tips to help stop you from becoming a forever NIB in the eyes of your newfound fraternity brothers.

What is a nip?

A nip is a tiny bite, a cold feeling, or a strong taste on your tongue. It’s also a verb for pinching or biting something, but not always in a bad way. … A nip can also mean a small sip of something, like hot chocolate — which is a good idea if you’re feeling a nip of a cold draft.

Where did the expression His Nibs come from?

“His nibs” was a common slang phrase among English college students in the 19th century, usually a sarcastic reference to someone seen as aloof or stuck-up.

Is nib a real word?

A nib is the point of a thing, such as a spear. The word nib comes from a 16th century word meaning the beak of a bird. … In more modern times, nib has come to refer to the pieces of the cocoa bean that remain after it has been hulled, roasted, and crushed.

What does NIB stand for in guns?

New In BoxNIB (“New In Box”) means “Brand new, unfired (other than at factory for proofing), complete with all original accessories.” When buying a NIB firearm that’s a number of years old, I expect that it won’t be covered with rust but IMHO to expect that it has never been handled is unreasonable.

What does FS mean on ebay?

Webopedia’s Guide to Online Buying and Selling AbbreviationsFRFair (condition)FSFor saleFSFactory sealedFSoTFor sale or tradeFTFor trade226 more rows•Nov 6, 2009

What does MIB mean on ebay?

Mint in BoxWhat It Means. MIB. Mint in Box. The item is in the original box, in great shape, and just the. way you’d expect to find it in a store.

What does NIB mean on ebay?

new in boxNIB means “new in box.” Now, how that’s interpreted, as you pointed out, can be in different ways. The box may have been opened and the thing unwrapped, then rewrapped and put back in the box–but unused.

What does NIB mean in banking?

Bank Identification NumberNIB – (Bank Identification Number) This number identifies your account in all the National Interbanking operations. IBAN is the International Number of Banking Account that identifies the number of your current account for international transferences.

Is nib a Scrabble word?

NIB is a valid scrabble word.

How do you spell nib?

nounthe point of a pen, or either of its divisions.a penpoint for insertion into a penholder.a point of anything: a cutting tool with a diamond nib.a bill or beak, as of a bird; neb.any pointed extremity.

What is total frat move?

For college students, fratire is best exemplified by Total Frat Move (TFM), which has dubbed itself “the “#1 college comedy website on the Internet.” The Greek-oriented site is the flagship content platform of Grandex, a media conglomerate that owns several other websites including Total Sorority Move.