Quick Answer: Which Is Better Chest Or Upright Freezer?

What is the best brand of upright freezer?

Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Frost-Free Upright Freezer Reviews.Whirlpool – 19.6 Cu.


Whirlpool – 15.7 Cu.


Frigidaire – 13.0 Cu.


GE – 14.1 Cu.


GE – 17.3 Cu.


Frigidaire – 15.5 Cu.


Whirlpool – SideKicks 17.7 Cu.


GE – 14.1 Cu.

Ft.More items….

Is a chest freezer worth it?

It might also be worth the cost if you eat primarily prepackaged meals (I have a friend who literally lives on Healthy Choice frozen meals) because you can really, really maximize on sales. However, if you don’t cook at home much, a deep freezer is likely not worth the cost.

Is it OK to put a freezer in the garage?

And if your garage is insulated and climate-controlled, it’s fine to put a freezer there. You just want to make sure the space is dry. … And make sure there’s plenty of space for air to circulate around the freezer so it operates at its best.

Do Chest freezers use a lot of electricity?

A chest freezer sized below 16.5 cubic feet costs $53 per year, using a total of 404 kilowatt-hours per year, or 34 kilowatt-hours per month. When you divide $53 by 12, your monthly costs equate to a little more than $4 per month.

Who makes the most reliable chest freezers?

Brands That MatterAmana. Amana is a small brand that manufactures upright and chest freezers, with capacity ranging from 5 to 16 cubic feet. … Frigidaire. Frigidaire is one of the largest freezer manufacturers; it also produces models for a number of other brands. … GE. … Haier. … Igloo. … Kenmore. … Maytag. … Whirlpool.More items…•

What is the best small upright freezer?

The Frigidaire FFFU16F2VW Upright Freezer is similar to our top pick, with a smaller capacity (15½ cubic feet). It still has all of the most important features—including a frost-free cooling system, a power-on indicator light, a temperature alarm, leveling legs, and plenty of storage shelves.

What is the most energy efficient chest freezer?

SunDanzerThe most efficient DC-powered chest freezer is the SunDanzer. This eight-cubic-foot capacity freezer has an exceptionally low energy consumption — it uses around 140 kWhr / year.

What can I put under my chest freezer?

Built-In Freezer Drip Pan Some freezers, especially newer models, have a built-in defrosting tray or freezer drip pan. It can sit within the freezer or at the bottom under the appliance as a chest freezer defrost pan. It usually slides in and out for easy removal to empty it.

Does Big Lots sell deep freezers?

Coolers and Freezers. Fresh dairy and frozen foods are now available at select Big Lots stores. Look for fresh milk, eggs, butter, frozen pizza, frozen dinners, ice cream and more! If you are receiving SNAP benefits, you can even use them on these products.

What is a good size chest freezer?

The rule of thumb to plan for is 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space per person in your family. Thus a family of 4 should get at least an 6 cubic foot freezer. Choose a freezer that’s not too big and not too small but just right. For the best energy efficiency your freezer should always be 2/3s full or more.

Where should I put my chest freezer?

Other possible locations for placing a freezer include the kitchen, utility room, basement, garage, and laundry room. When space is limited, you may want to consider locating a freezer in a guest room or outdoor shed.

What should I look for when buying an upright freezer?

7 Things to Know When Buying a Standalone FreezerThey don’t all offer the same amount of organization. … They can take up some sizable space. … One is better if your home tends to lose power. … Some are also refrigerators. … You’re going to use more electricity. … You shouldn’t keep it in your garage. … It’s an investment.

What is the best type of freezer to buy?

The two basic choices for a standalone freezer are upright freezers or chest freezer….Upright freezers:Upright freezers are easier to organize because they have shelves.Upright freezers take up less space. … They usually come in a variety of finishes.Chest freezers tend to be around $100 cheaper than upright versions.More items…•

What is the best chest freezer for the garage?

Top rated Upright Freezer for garage useWhynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer. … Maxx Cold 5.2 Cubic Feet 147 Litre Solid Hinged Top Sub-Zero Commercial Chest Freezer. … 5cf Chest Freezer Deep 5 Cu Ft. … Midea WHS-258C1 Single Door Chest Freezer. … Sunpentown UF-150W. … Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW.