Quick Answer: Who Is The CEO Of Telenor?

Who owns Telenor Pakistan?

Telenor GroupTelenor Pakistan (Urdu: ٹیلی نار پاکستان‎), branded as Telenor 4G, is a Pakistani mobile data and digital services provider, owned by Norwegian company Telenor Group.

Currently, Telenor Pakistan has a total subscriber base of 45 million with 27% cellular market share in Pakistan and more than 1,900 employees..

Who is the CEO of Telenor Pakistan?

Irfan Wahab Khan (Aug 1, 2016–)Telenor Pakistan/CEOIrfan Wahab Khan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Pakistan on 1 August 2016. He was serving at the position of Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Telenor Pakistan since April 2013.

Which country is the owner of Telenor?

NorwegianTelenor ASA (OSE: TEL; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈtêːlənuːr] or [tɛləˈnuːr]) is a Norwegian majority state-owned multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Bærum, close to Oslo.

Who bought Telenor?

AirtelOn 23 February 2017, Airtel announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with Telenor South Asia Investments Pte Ltd to acquire Telenor (India) Communications Pvt. Ltd.

How many customers does Telenor have?

186 million customersTelenor Group at a Glance. Telenor Group is a leading telecommunications company across the Nordics and Asia with slightly below 186 million customers and annual sales of around USD 12 billion (2019).

Is Telenor banned in Pakistan?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority clarified on Monday that the advertisement circulating on social media regarding a ban on Telenor is fake. PTA urges the public to refrain from circulating it since it might generate confusion and inconvenience for consumers. …