Why Is Apex So Hard?

Apex Legends’ first year was an interesting one for Respawn Entertainment.

4, 2019, Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene with a surprise launch.

It quickly became one of the most popular free-to-play games — taking on hits like Fortnite and PUBG — but waned in popularity as the year continued..

Does Apex have solo?

The Iron Crown Collection Event, a limited-time event for season 2 Battle Charge, introduced a new solo experience. However, some players aren’t happy with new “loot boxes” introduced for the event. Solo mode for Apex Legends is available for now only during the event, which runs from Aug.

How many GB is Apex legend?

30 GBYou will need at least 30 GB of free disk space to install Apex Legends.

Why is apex so laggy?

If Apex Legends isn’t suffering any frame-rate lag, then the problem might not originate from your online connection. … If you only have lag issues once or twice while playing, then your problems might be more to do with bugs than lag, so restarting the game is usually a quick fix for the issues you are facing.

Why is apex so fun?

There is no way we could say that Apex Legends is a mediocre battle royale game. It is a real innovation with a completely new experience, and that’s what makes it fun! We all know what the idea of a classic battle royale is – a huge crowd of players is thrown to the map with no ammo or weapon.

Is Apex fun solo?

‘Apex Legends’ is so much fun in solos mode, I hate that it’s going away so soon. Apex Legends is a terrific battle royale game, but it’s always been pretty limiting compared to the competition.

Is Apex better than fortnite?

Both Apex and Fortnite are excellent Battle Royale games and can be played by just about anyone. … If you’re looking for a fast-paced game that feels like a typical first-person shooter, however, then Apex Legends might be for you. Both are free to play but have microtransactions, so hold on to your wallets.

Who is the best Apex player?

Top Player Rankings For Apex LegendsPlayer ID% of Total1.ImperialHal90.41%2.Albralelie99.29%3.Reps98.33%4.dizzy94.54%77 more rows•Feb 12, 2019

What is the best gun in Apex legends?

The best Apex Legends weapons are:Mastiff.Wingman.Peacekeeper.Kraber.Longbow.R-99.R-301.L-Star.

What’s the easiest server on Apex?

so I’m able to play on any server without a problem of lag or connection issues the easiest server on apex Legends is the New York server. the reason for it being the easiest server is because of how many players are actually playing on it at all times.

Why is Apex ranked so hard?

Bro the only reason gold ranked is so hard is because people think they are better than they are and don’t play as a team team. … It’s a team game but people play like it’s a Call of Duty TDM. Also apex matchmaking sucks. Already started 3 games solo.

Is it hard to get apex predator?

Reaching the lofty heights of Apex Predator may be a difficult task, but it’s far from impossible.

Can you lose apex predator rank?

“Apex Predator is going to be limited to the top 500 players per platform.” … In League, players who reach Challenger can lose their place if another player surpasses them in League Points (LP). Similarly, Apex Predator players can fall down to Master tier if another player gets more Ranked Points (RP) than them.